Uber Bv and Others v Aslam and Others: SC 19 Feb 2021

Smartphone App Contractors did so as Workers

The court was asked whether the employment tribunal was entitled to find that drivers whose work was arranged through Uber’s smartphone application work for Uber under workers’ contracts and so qualify for the national minimum wage, paid annual leave and other workers’ rights; or whether, as Uber contended, the drivers did not have these rights because they worked for themselves as independent contractors, performing services under contracts made with passengers through Uber as their booking agent.
Held: Uber’s appeal failed. The employment tribunal was entitled to find and could only conclude that the claimant drivers were ‘workers’ who worked for Uber London under ‘worker’s contracts’ within the meaning of the statutory definition.
‘it would be inconsistent with the purpose of this legislation to treat the terms of a written contract as the starting point in determining whether an individual falls within the definition of a ‘worker’. To do so would reinstate the mischief which the legislation was enacted to prevent. It is the very fact that an employer is often in a position to dictate such contract terms and that the individual performing the work has little or no ability to influence those terms that gives rise to the need for statutory protection in the first place. The efficacy of such protection would be seriously undermined if the putative employer could by the way in which the relationship is characterised in the written contract determine, even prima facie, whether or not the other party is to be classified as a worker. Laws such as the National Minimum Wage Act were manifestly enacted to protect those whom Parliament considers to be in need of protection and not just those who are designated by their employer as qualifying for it.’
Uber in the Welcome Packet issued to new drivers referred to logging onto the Uber app as ‘going on duty’ and instructed drivers that: ‘Going on duty means you are willing and able to accept trip requests’. Logging onto the Uber app was thus presented by Uber London itself to drivers as undertaking an obligation to accept work if offered. The employment tribunal also found that the third in the graduated series of messages sent to a driver whose acceptance rate of trip requests fell below a prescribed level included a statement that ‘being online with the Uber app is an indication that you are available to take trips, in accordance with your Services Agreement.’ The Working Time Regulations accordingly applied whilst the driver was logged onto the App.


Lord Reed, President, Lord Hodge Deputy President,
Lady Arden, Lord Kitchin, Lord Sales, Lord Hamblen

Lord Leggatt


[2021] UKSC 6, UKSC 2019/0029, [2021] WLR(D) 108


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Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998, Private Hire Vehicles (London) (Operators’ Licences) Regulations 2000 9(3), National Minimum Wage Act 1998, Working Time Regulations 1998, Employment Rights Act 1996 203(1)


England and Wales


At EATUber Bv v Aslam and Others (Jurisdictional Points – Worker, Employee or Neither : Working Time Regulations) EAT 10-Nov-2017
Uber drivers are workers
JURISDICTIONAL POINTS – Worker, employee or neither
‘Worker status’ – section 230(3)(b) Employment Rights Act 1996 (‘ERA’), regulation 36(1) Working Time Regulations 1998 (‘WTR’) and section 54(3) . .
Appeal from (CA)Uber Bv and Others v Aslam and Others CA 19-Dec-2018
Uber drivers are workers
The claimant Uber drivers sought the status of workers, allowing them to claim the associated statutory employment benefits. The company now appealed from a finding that they were workers.
Held: The appeal failed (Underhill LJ dissenting) The . .
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