Jivraj v Hashwani: SC 27 Jul 2011

The parties had a joint venture agreement which provided that any dispute was to be referred to an arbitrator from the Ismaili community. The claimant said that this method of appointment became void as a discriminatory provision under the 2003 Regulations. The High Court found the appointment to be outwith the provisions, but this was reversed on appeal. J appealed again.
Held: The appeal succeeded (Lord Mance dissenting in part). The Regulations were not applicable to the selection, engagement or appointment of arbitrators. An arbitrator was not a person employed under ‘a contract personally to do any work’ for the purpose of legislation prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of religion or belief.
Lord Clarke said: ‘the dominant purpose of appointing an arbitrator or arbitrators is the impartial resolution of the dispute between the parties in accordance with the terms of the agreement and, although the contract between the parties and the arbitrators would be a contract for the provision of personal services, they were not personal services under the direction of the parties.’
He went on to accept a submission that, within the Framework Directive: ‘the expression ‘access . . to self-employment or to occupation’ means what it says and is concerned with preventing discrimination from qualifying or setting up as a solicitor, plumber, greengrocer or arbitrator. It is not concerned with discrimination by a customer who prefers to contract with one of their competitors once they have set up in business. That would not be denying them ‘access . . to self-employment or to occupation’.’

Lord Phillips, President, Lord Walker, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Dyson
[2011] UKSC 40, UKSC 2010/0170, UKSC 2010/0158, [2011] IRLR 827, [2011] 32 EG 54, [2011] ArbLR 28, [2011] Bus LR 1182, [2011] ICR 1004, [2011] CILL 3076, [2011] 1 WLR 1872
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Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, Council Framework Directive 2000/78/EC of 27 November 2000, Equality Act 2006 83, Arbitration Act 1996 33
England and Wales
At first instanceJivraj v Hashwani ComC 26-Jun-2009
The claimant said that the requirement in an arbitration clause for all the arbitrators to be members of the Ismaili community was unlawful under the 2003 Regulations.
Held: The appointment was not discriminatory. An arbitrator’s employment . .
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Appeal fromJivraj v Hashwani (Rev 2) CA 22-Jun-2010
The court was asked whether parties to an arbitration agreement in a commercial contract can stipulate that the tribunal is to be drawn from members of a particular religious group, in this case the Ismaili community.
Held: The defendant’s . .
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The appellant had worked as a part time judge. He now said that he should be entitled to a judicial pension on retirement by means of the Framework Directive. The Regulations disapplied the provisions protecting part time workers for judicial office . .
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