• October 2021
    • Page Views 234,478
    • Unique Page Views: 207050
    • Avg. Time on Page: 9:05
    • Bounce Rate: 74.22%
  • Year to October 31, 2021
    • Page Views 3,220,468
    • Sessions: 2,211,548
    • Users: 1,173,839
    • Sessions per User: 1.88
    • Pages per Session: 1.46
    • Avg. Session Duration: 4:09
    • Bounce Rate: 74.61%
  • Year to September 30, 2021
    • Page Views 3,303,597
    • Sessions: 2,270,863
    • Users: 1,202,697
    • Sessions per User: 1.89
    • Pages per Session: 1.45
    • Avg. Session Duration: 4:08
    • Bounce Rate: 74.73%

These figures now reflect the Coronavirus crisis. The last several weeks in the figures are our annual busiest time of the year. They will recover, but we make no economic prediction beyond saying that people will still need to research the law, and that we are one of the very best resources for that.

The figures do suggest the slightly unusual way the site is used. Visitors search for a case name off site (Google etc) and are directed to exactly the page (case) wanted. Having found it, there is usually no great need to wander further about the site. This explains what might otherwise be a high bounce rate – the search is specific and satisfied.
That they have found what they sought, is shown by the very high session duration (just under 5 minutes). It shows a very engaged audience.
Please note that we lost about 3 months of Google analaytics data from 16 July 2020 to 16 September 2020. We have alternate figures from Automattic for page views, bt the figures from October 2020 to End Oct 2021 will be back on track.