Revenue and Customs v Secret Hotels2 Ltd: SC 5 Mar 2014

The Court was asked as to: ‘the liability for Value Added Tax of a company which markets and arranges holiday accommodation through an on-line website. The outcome turns on the appropriate characterisation of the relationship between the company, the operators of the hotels, and the holiday-makers or their travel agents (which is an English law issue), and the impact of certain provisions of the relevant EU Directive on that relationship once it has been characterised (which is an EU law issue).
Held: The appeal of the taxpayer was successful. The correct legal analysis of the tripartite relationship between Med, hoteliers and customers was that Med marketed and sold hotel accommodation to customers as the agent of the hoteliers and was in these circumstances acting solely as an intermediary for VAT purposes.
Article 306 created two categories of travel agent, namely (a) those ‘who deal with customers in their own name and use supplies of goods or services provided by other taxable persons, in the provision of travel facilities’ and (b) those who ‘act solely as intermediaries’ (referred to for convenience as, respectively, ‘ article 306.1(a) ‘ and ‘ article 306.1(b)’), and provides for a special VAT scheme for transactions carried out by travel agents who fall within article 306.1(a). Med had been acting as an intermediary and not in its own name, and therefore fell within the provisions of article 306.1(b).
When assessing the VAT consequences of a particular contractual arrangement, the court should, at least normally, characterise the relationships by reference to the contracts and then consider whether that characterisation is vitiated by any relevant facts.
Lord Neuberger PSC said: ‘When interpreting an agreement, the court must have regard to the words used, to the provisions of the agreement as a whole, to the surrounding circumstances insofar as they are known to both parties, and to commercial common sense.’

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge
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Directive 2006/112/EC 2.1(c)
England and Wales
At CASecret Hotels2 Ltd v Revenue and Customs CA 3-Dec-2012
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At FTTTxSecret Hotels2 Ltd (Formerly Med Hotels Ltd) v Revenue and Customs FTTTx 15-Mar-2010
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