Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do I register?
You don’t. You do not need to register to use each and every part of the site. All is available without registration. There is no fee, though donations are welcome to help us keep going. Please just make the best use of the site. It helps us to understand our users if you give feedback – either as to something you did not understand, something that was broken, or even that you liked what you found. We have no formal system, just send an email t david@swarb.co.uk
I cannot find a case
First, check that your search follows our simple guidelines. If you still cannot find it, send us an email listing whatever details you have.
Broken Links
“When I click on a link from one case to another, sometimes, no case is found – Why?” Ours is a very long term project. When a case is noted up, each case it links to is annotated also, set for publication, and a link is created. Not all cases are however published immediately. We set out publish a minimum of 100 a day. When a case is first published therefore, it may create a link to cases not yet published. This should usually clear itself within a couple of weeks.
My name appears here
We only reflect information derived from official publications. Going to court is a public process. Unless the court said otherwise, anybody and everybody has the right in law to know what happened. Courts publish the judgments with the clear intention that they become widely available. We publish these cases as a resource for lawyers, and those interested in the law. We have no desire to cause embarrassment, and usually go beyond the official systems in attempting to reduce exposure. We welcome your approach. We can often, but not always, help. Please just contact us by email at david@swarb.co.uk.
Please also refer to our GDPR guidace for more detail.