We have two search boxes – Google (top), and an internal WordPress one. Enter your search terms in either box, and click the button or press enter. You are provided with a response page, and clicking on any case name will take you to the case you select.
When searching:

  • The search will find a case using all the terms you enter: “Denning cricket” will find all cases where both terms occur.
  • Searches are best kept simple and short. If you get Too MANY ANSWERS, repeat the search with some additional refinement.
  • Searches work happily to refer to the case name, the names of judges, statutes referred to, and or words occurring in our summary.
  • Searches for case references work; it may help to surround the entire reference in quotes – thus: “[1985] 1 WLR 234”. However square brackets severely confuse the WordPress search engine.
  • Use only names the spelling of which you are sure of.

If you do not find a case that you want, please make a copy of your search query, and send it to us at, with whatever else you know which may help us find the case. We add and annotate cases continually, and it is helpful to us to have cases requested. We have a backlog of over 250k cases, so we may well have it in the queue and can promote any particular case in the list.
We are also content to extend our case notes as requested. There are real limits to what we can do, but we are content always to look.