GDPR -Accuracy

We ensure the accuracy of any personal data we create.

Our focus is on the legal principles and practice demonstrated by a case. Personal data is involved  as a background to  establish a framework for the presentation of the point of law. We therefore try to do no more than the minimum required to set that background, excluding unnecessary details. We face particular difficulties sometimes because such data as emerge from judgments comes out of sometimes bitterly fought factual disputes. A court may have decided for one or other versions of those facts, but that may not change the views of either of the parties, and a party may object to the record of the judge’s findings, and a case may be under appeal. The extent to which we can assist in such situations is very limited. Appeals are not usually allowed as to findings of fact.

– We have appropriate processes in place to check the accuracy of the data we collect, and we record the source of that data.
It must be noted that the judgments we record or annotate are themselves definitive of the facts. That is their pourpose in principle. We cannot go behind the judge’s findings. There are times when we can limit any damage, but our task is to explain the legal principles involved which are necessarily founded on the facts as found by him or her.

– We have a process in place to identify when we need to keep the data updated to properly fulfil our purpose, and we update it as necessary.
The updating and improvement of our records is at the heart of our procedures.

– If we need to keep a record of a mistake, we clearly identify it as a mistake.
Where we find a mistake it will be removed.

– Our records clearly identify any matters of opinion, and where appropriate whose opinion it is and any relevant changes to the underlying facts.
See above

– We comply with the individual’s right to rectification and carefully consider any challenges to the accuracy of the personal data.
We do

– As a matter of good practice, we keep a note of any challenges to the accuracy of the personal data.
We have a register in which are retained all such challenges.