GDPR – Content

The right to know the law is a fundamental in any society. Without access to knowledge of the law, any citizen is deprived of the opportunity to assess:

  • whether an intended act would be unlawful,
  • whether an act by another against her has been unlawful,
  • how that act has been or may be lawful or unlawful,
  • Whether and how to take or defend legal action

Our law has two main sources, statute and case law. Access to both is essential in order to gain a proper understanding of the law; neither is complete in itself. We believe that free access to the law is vital, and our site aims to take a proper part in proving such. If citizens cannot find the law, they cannot obey it, or apply it.
We publish case law. It is or may be of interest and use to those seeking to know the law, whether for private interests, for academic study or for practice before the courts.

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