In the past this site has always severely limited user involvement. We offered the alternative of swarblaw but, with that site going (shortly), I think we need to add something of that functionality here. Letting the strings slacken just a little has demonstrated how quickly spammers can come knocking. Also, as yet, I am not sure just what to offer and how.
So we start here. Send me an email at Title it ‘Registration’ and answer in words the question ‘What is the square root of sixteen?’
Include your real name, a user name and an email address. You will (not automatically) receive a confirmatory email.

I promise not to bombard you with emails, or to pass your email address to anyone else, and that you can delete your registration at any time without question. Registration is free

I will welcome suggestions about how this might move forward.
I wish to promote discussions about the cases on the site (or not yet so).
Again, and vitally, we do not give legal advice. I was a solicitor but retired now several years ago, and have not maintained my name on the Solicitors’ Roll.