Privacy – Users

Save as set out below, we do not allow comments, or the uploading of images, or registration of users. We collect no information about individual users, and therefore have no personal information as to users to protect, remove, disclose or delete.
We do invite donations. Donations are mediated through PayPal, who may inform us of your email address and name and contribution, but not further.
We do not carry social network buttons allowing those networks to track your activity here.
We use Google Analytics and a WordPress plugin called Jetpack to collect record, and retain the IP address of a visitor and the web pages requested. An IP address might sometimes, in principle, allow the identification of the machine from the page request originated.
This data allows us to identify which pages are most visited, and are worthy of or require further noting up, and to promote the site to attract advertising.
Google analytics bases its analysis on the URL of the page visited, together with the IP address of the browser calling it. Our URLs do not include any additional information. Google asseses a broad geolocation for the location of the browser, but does not seek to identify a user (you). Google Analytics has its privacy policy.
We do retain statistics about the use of the site, but not in a way which comprises data about individual users.
Our web-hosting is provided by 34sp of Manchester. Necessarily, they log IP addresses of visitors. Their privacy policy is provides (at May 2018): “We collect the IP address of anyone visiting your website and store it in your site’s access logs. We use this IP address to track attacks on websites we host and allow us take steps to prevent those attacks. We keep access logs for 28 days on Professional Hosting and 30 days on Universal and Business Hosting.”
Wordpress’ Jetpack is provided by Automattic their privacy policy is available from the link. See Also Jetpack Privacy
Paypal has a privacy policy