Clyde and Co LLP and Another v van Winkelhof: SC 21 May 2014

Solicitor Firm Member was a Protected Worker

The solicitor appellant had been a member of the firm, a limited liability partnership. She disclosed criminal misbehaviour by a partner in a branch in Africa. On dismissal she sought protection as a whistleblower. This was rejected, it being found that a member of such a firm was not a worker or an employee.
Held: The court was struck by how hard the company had had to work to establish that the claimant was not a worker. The simple statutory tests were satisfied: ‘she is employed under a contract personally to perform work or services for the LLP; she was an integral part of their business and the LLP was not her client or customer.’ and ‘ the appellant clearly is a ‘worker’ within the meaning of section 230(3)(b) of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and entitled to claim the protection of its whistle-blowing provisions. That conclusion is to my mind entirely consistent with the underlying policy of those provisions, which some might think is particularly applicable to businesses and professions operating within the tightly regulated fields of financial and legal services.’ The case was remitted to the employment tribunal.
Baroness Hale of Richmond observed that employment law distinguishes between three types of people: those employed under a contract of employment; those self-employed people who are in business on their own account and undertake work for their clients or customers; and an intermediate class of workers who are self-employed but who provide their services as part of a profession or business undertaking carried on by someone else. Some statutory rights, such as the right not to be unfairly dismissed, are limited to those employed under a contract of employment; but other rights, including those claimed in these proceedings, apply to all ‘workers’.


Lord Neuberger, President, Lady Hale Deputy President, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath


[2014] WLR(D) 222, [2014] UKSC 32, UKSC 2012/0229, [2014] ICR 730, [2014] 1 WLR 2047, [2014] 3 All ER 225, [2014] IRLR 641


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England and Wales


Appeal fromClyde and Co Llp and Another v Bates van Winkelhof CA 26-Sep-2012
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