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Our media kit provides rather more detail if needed, and one can be sent.
We get a very large number of visitors. These are very engaged with the site, averaging over 5 minutes on a page. We are told that these are typically professional lawyers, trainees ar students. The students, will include many from courses with a law element. For the exact current statitics see our relevant page.
We suggest that anyone looking to advertise for graduates or other potential tertiary students – law firms and law schools typically, will do well to advertise directly here.
In addition a proportion of our users are litigants in person. By definition they are without lawyers, and we are confident that many would be welcome at law firms as clients.
To test how visible we are in search engines, take a look by putting in a case reference. We have well over a million such. Surriound the reference in quotes, and excluse any parentheses (search engines can misunderstand them). Thus [1976] Fam 93 should be entered “1976 Fam 93” (with quotes, without brackets).
Adverts will be carried on each page of the main site. Understand that our site is unusual. We have very large number of cases but many are visited only rarely, so that it is not worth charging for them seperately.
Our rates are competive and we hope persuasive.