Pimlico Plumbers Ltd and Another v Smith: SC 13 Jun 2018

The parties disputed whether Mr Smith had been an employee of or worker with the company so as to bring associated rights into play. The contract required the worker to provide an alternate worker to cover if necessary.
Held: The company’s appeal failed. Mr Smith was a worker: ‘there were features of the contract which strongly militated against recognition of Pimlico as a client or customer of Mr Smith. Its tight control over him was reflected in its requirements that he should wear the branded Pimlico uniform; drive its branded van, to which Pimlico applied a tracker; carry its identity card; and closely follow the administrative instructions of its control room. The severe terms as to when and how much it was obliged to pay him, on which it relied, betrayed a grip on his economy inconsistent with his being a truly independent contractor. The contract made references to ‘wages’, ‘gross misconduct’ and ‘dismissal’. Were these terms ill-considered lapses which shed light on its true nature? And then there was a suite of covenants restrictive of his working activities following termination.’
Lord Wilson observed that: ‘The sole test is, of course, the obligation of personal performance: any other so-called test would be an inappropriate usurpation of the sole test. But there are cases, of which the present case is one, in which it is helpful to assess the significance of [the claimant] Mr Smith’s right to substitute another Pimlico operative by reference to whether the dominant feature of the contract remained personal performance on his part.’


Lady Hale, President, Lord Wilson, Lord Hughes, Lady Black, Lord Lloyd-Jones


[2018] UKSC 29, [2018] ICR 1511, [2018] WLR(D) 357, [2018] IRLR 872, [2018] 4 All ER 641, UKSC 2017/0053


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Employment Rights Act 1996, Working Time Regulations 1998


England and Wales


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