Here are the court codes we use.

AdCtAdmiralty Court part of QBD.
AdmnAdministrative Court (High Court, QBD) Formerly Crown Office List
AITAsylum and Immigration Tribunal - now IAT
AsszAssizes - Former higher criminal courts - replaced by Crown Courts
BCBankruptcy Court
CACourt of appeal - civil division
CACDCourt of Appeal - Criminal Division
CANICourt of Appeal (Northern Ireland)
CArcCourt of Arches - Ecclesiastical courts
CATCompetition Appeals Tribunal
CCCounty Court
CCACourt of Criminal Appeal
CCCCentral Criminal Court; The Old Bailey, a crown court
CCCRCourt of Crown Cases reserved. Criminal Appeal court until 1907
CCFCounty Court - Family
CCNICrown Court of Northern Ireland
CCPCourt of Common Pleas. Ancient common law court eventually followed by the Chancery Court.
CECCourt of Exchequer Chamber. Hear appeals from HIgh Courts until 1873
ChDChancery Division
ChNIChancery Division - Northern Ireland
CMACCourts Martial Appeal Court.
CmpCCompanies Court
COLCrown Office List (now Administrative Court)
ConCConsistory Court (Ecclesiastical)
EATEmployment appeal Tribunal
ECFIEuropean Court of First Instance
ECJEuropean Court of Justice
EPOBAEuropean Patents Office - Board of Appeal
ETEmployment Tribunal (EW), formerly Industrial Tribunal
ETMREuropean Trade Marks Registry
EUCSTEuropean Union - Civil Service Tribunal
ExcCExchequer Chamber
ExPExchequer of Pleas
FCFamily Court - County and Magistrates Court level
FDFamily Division of the High Court
FDCSFirst Division, Court of Session
FDNIFamily Division - Northern Ireland
FENIFair Employment Tribunal Northern Ireland
FENIFair Employment Tribunal Northern Ireland
FSMTFinancial Services and Markets Tribunal
FTHESCFirst Tier Tribunal - Health, Education, and Social Care
FTTGRCFirst Tier Tribunal - General Regulatory Chamber
FTTTxFirst Tier tribunal Tax
HCJHigh Court of Justice, Scotland
HLHouse of Lords - until 2009
ICCCIrish Court of Crown Cases Reserved
ICJInternational Court of Justice
ICSIDInter Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
ICTInternational Criminal Tribunal
IHCSInner House, Court of Session
IoCVisitors of the Inns of Court
IPOIntellectual Property Office
IPTInvestigatory Powers Tribunal
ITInformation Tribunal
LCJLord Chief Justice's Court
LRALand Registry Adjudicator
LRALand Registry Adjudicator
LVTLeasehold Valuation Tribunal
MCLCMayor and City of London County Court
MercMercantile Court
NIRCNational Industrial Relations Court
NISSCSNorthern Ireland - Social Security and Child Support Commissioners' Decisions
NomNominet - domain name arbitrations
OHCSOuter House, Court of Session
QBDHigh Court
RPCRestrictive Trade Practices Court
SCSupreme Court - from 2009
SCCOSupreme Court Costs Office
SCITSpecial Commissioners of Income Tax
SCSScots Court of Session
ScSfSherriff's Court
SIACSpecial Immigration Appeal Tribunal
SLCScottish Land Court
SSATSocial Security Appeals Tribunal
TCCTechnology and Construction Court (was OR)
TMRTrade Marks Registry
UTLCUpper Tribunal Lands Chamber
VCCSVacation Court, Court of Session
VDTVat and Duties Tribunal (now FTTTx)