O’Brien v Ministry of Justice: SC 28 Jul 2010

The appellant had worked as a part time judge. He now said that he should be entitled to a judicial pension on retirement by means of the Framework Directive. The Regulations disapplied the provisions protecting part time workers for judicial office holders paid on a daily fee-paid basis.
Held: The matter required to be referred to the ECJ. ‘Recorders (and all judges at every level) are subject to terms of service of the sort referred to by Sir Robert Carswell LCJ. Indeed judicial office partakes of most of the characteristics of employment. However, because domestic law cannot readily be disentangled from EU law on this issue the Court prefers to express no concluded view, as to whether judges (as a general class) would qualify as ‘workers’ under the Regulations.’ There is no single definition of ‘worker’ which holds good for all the purposes of Community law, and the effect of Clause 2(1) of the Framework Agreement, read together with Recital (16) of the PTWD, is to make domestic law relevant to the interpretation of the expression ‘worker’, but domestic law is not to oust or ‘trump’ the principles underlying the EU legislation in such a way as to frustrate them.

Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Clarke, Sir John Dyson SCJ
[2010] UKSC 34, [2010] 4 All ER 62, [2010] IRLR 883, [2010] Pens LR 399
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At SCO’Brien v Ministry of Justice ECJ 1-Mar-2012
1) European Union law must be interpreted as meaning that it is for the member states to define the concept of ‘workers who have an employment contract or an employment relationship’ in clause 2.1 of the Framework Agreement . . and in particular, to . .
At SCO’Brien v Ministry of Justice SC 6-Feb-2013
The appellant, a part time recorder challenged his exclusion from pension arrangements.
Held: The appeal was allowed. No objective justification has been shown for departing from the basic principle of remunerating part-timers pro rata . .

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