X v Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau and Another: SC 12 Dec 2012

The appellant was disabled, had legal qualifications, and worked with the respondent as a volunteer. She had sought assistance under the Disability Discrimination Act, now the 2012 Act, saying that she counted as a worker. The tribunal and CA had found no contractual relationship. She said that under the 2000 Directive (the Framework Directive ‘FD’) she would so count, and that the UK legislation should be read accordingly.
Held: The FD was not universal, and different activities were carefully defined to receive different levels of protection. The Commission had not had volunteering activities in mind as falling within the scope of article 3 of the FD. In the phrase, ‘occupation, employment or self-employment’, the word occupation was an umbrella term, and not a third alternative. There had been a proposal to amend the draft to add voluntary work to the protected occupations, but this had not been accepted.
Nor was there sufficient doubt about the matter to require a reference to the ECJ.

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Walker, Lady Hale, Lord Mance, Lord Wilson
[2012] UKSC 59, [2013] 1 All ER 1038, [2013] IRLR 146, [2013] 2 CMLR 16, [2013] ICR 249, [2013] Eq LR 154, UKSC 2011/0112
Bailii, Bailii Summary, SC Summary, SC
Equality Act 2010, Directive 2000/78/EEC, Disability Discrimination Act 1995 68(1), Disability Discrimination Act 1995 (Amendment) Regulations 2003
England and Wales
At EATX v Mid Sussex Citizens Advice Bureau and Another EAT 30-Oct-2009
The Employment Judge did not err in finding that the Appellant, a volunteer worker with the CAB, was not entitled by the DDA to claim disability . .
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