Clyde and Co Llp and Another v Bates van Winkelhof: CA 26 Sep 2012

The claimant was a solicitor partner with the appellant limited liability partnership at their offices in Tanzania. She disclosed what she believed to be money laundering by a local partner. She was dismissed. She had just disclosed her pregnancy and claimed also in sex discrimination. The company appealed findings as to jurisdiction saying that she was not a worker under whistleblowing legislation, and did not work within the jurisdiction for discrimination purposes.
Held: The claimant, as a member, was not a worker within the legislation so as to receive protection under the whistle blowing provisions. Applying the Tiffin case, the test was whether under the 1890 Act in an unlimited partnership, she would have been a partner and therefore not an employee: ‘whatever the employment status of the partners under the 1890 Act, it should not alter as a result of incorporation. Rights should neither be gained nor lost when partners under the 1890 Act are transformed into members of the LLP under the 2000 Act. On any view Section 4(4) makes it plain that Parliament did not intend to change their status as regards the question whether they are employees under limb (a), as Mr Linden accepts. I can see no logical reason why Parliament would have adopted a different position with respect to the question whether they may be limb (b) workers.’
As to the discrimination case, the evidence that the claimant was employed wholly abroad was not entirely one way, and that case should proceed at the tribunal. It was necessary only that the connection with the UK was so strong as to allow the tribunal to conclude that she should come within the protection afforded by Parliament.

Lloyd, Richards, Elias LJJ
[2012] EWCA Civ 1207
Bailii, Gazette
Employment Rights Act 1996 47B 230(3)(b), Equality Act 2010 45, Limited Liability Partnership Act 2000, Partnership Act 1890
England and Wales
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