Revenue and Customs v The Investment Trust Companies: SC 11 Apr 2017

Certain investment trust companies (ITCs) sought refunds of VAT paid on the supply of investment management services. EU law however clarified that they were not due. Refunds were restricted by the Commissioners both as to the amounts and limitation period applied. The claimants’ allegation of unjust enrichment by the Commissioners had been accepted by the CA. The Court was now asked whether the ITCs in principle could make out a claim in unjust enrichment against the Commissioners, whether such a claim was excluded by the statutory scheme under s.80 and whether the lack of any such claim was incompatible with EU law.
Held: The commissioners’ appeal was granted, and the cross appeal dismissed.
The Commissioners had been enriched only by the VAT it had received from the managers. This was the surplus of output tax over deducted input tax which it had actually received. Since the claimants had only paid the VAT to the managers, not direct to the revenue, that payment and the managers’ accounting to the revenue for and paying the VAT due was not reducible to one transaction of the transfer of value from the claimants to the revenue. The Commissioners had not been enriched at the direct expense of the claimants, so they had no right at common law to restitution from the revenue, although they may well have a claim against the managers for the VAT they had paid.
The limitation period is designed to avoid the disruption of public finances. Section 80(7) should be construed as excluding non-statutory claims by customers, as well as taxpayers (as was conceded), which might otherwise lie against HMRC in circumstances falling within the scope of section 80: ‘Parliament cannot sensibly be taken to have intended, when it created this scheme for the reimbursement of suppliers (with provision for them in turn to reimburse their customers), subject to strict time limits, that it should exist concurrently with non-statutory liabilities towards suppliers and their customers which were potentially wider in scope and were subject to a longer and less certain limitation period. Such an intention would be inconsistent with the rationale of the statutory scheme.’
Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Mance, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
[2017] UKSC 29, [2017] STI 1041, [2017] 2 WLR 1200, [2017] BVC 16, [2017] 3 All ER 113, [2017] WLR(D) 28, [2017] STC 985, [2018] AC 275, UKSC 2015/0058
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VAT Act 1994 80, Value Added Tax Regulations 1995
England and Wales
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