Prudential Assurance Company Ltd v Revenue and Customs: SC 25 Jul 2018

PAC sought to recover excess advance corporation tax paid under a UK system contrary to EU law. It was now agreed that some was repayable but now the quantum. Five issues separated the parties.
Issue I: does EU law require the tax credit to be set by reference to the overseas tax actually paid, as HMRC submit, or by reference to the foreign nominal tax rate (‘FNR’), as PAC submits?
Held: HMRC Appeal dismissed: credit for foreign dividends should be by reference to the FNR, rather than by reference to the actual or effective tax incurred overseas.
Issue II: Was compound interest payable on tax levied in breach of EU law, on the basis that HMRC were unjustly enriched by the opportunity to use the money in question?
Held: HMRC’s appeal Allowed. Sempra Metals Ltd v IRC failed to allow for several features, and there were later inconsistent developments and cases.
Issue III: does a claim in restitution lie to recover lawful ACT which was set against unlawful mainstream corporation tax?
Held: No. HMRC’s appeal was allowed. Setting the unlawful MCT against the lawful ACT was not enough to qualify as a ‘San Giorgio’ claim.
Following Issue I, Issue IV did not arise.
Issue V(a): where ACT from a pool including unlawful and lawful ACT is set against an unlawful MCT liability, is the unlawful ACT regarded as a pre-payment of the unlawful MCT liability or is the ACT so utilised regarded as partly lawful and unlawful pro rata?
Held: PAC’s cross-appeal was allowed. . Unlawful ACT is set first against unlawful MCT. Because unlawful MCT is a nullity, the unlawful ACT is recoverable unless it has been set against a lawful MCT charge.
Issue V(b): Is domestic FII when carried back to an earlier quarter, to be treated as having been applied to relieve the lawful and unlawful ACT pro rata, or only lawful ACT?
Held: PAC’s cross-appeal allowed. Domestic FII carried back to an earlier quarter is to be applied to relieve only lawful ACT. HMRC’s pro rata approach would deprive a company of the tax credit at the FNR required under EU law.

Lord Mance, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hodge
[2018] UKSC 39, [2018] WLR(D) 527, [2018] STC 1657, [2019] AC 929, [2018] 3 WLR 652, [2018] BTC 31, [2018] STI 1499, UKSC 2016/0102
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Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 231(1) 238(1) 239
England and Wales
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