Test Claimants In The Franked Investment Income Group Litigation v Inland Revenue: SC 23 May 2012

The European Court had found the UK to have unlawfully treated differently payment of franked dividends between subsidiaries of UK companies according to whether all the UK subsidiaries were themselves UK based, thus prejudicing European subsidiaries, breach of EU Treaty guarantees of freedom of establishment and of movement of capital. The court was now asked as to the calculation of damages. Two remedies might be available: a demand for repayment of tax unlawfully demanded (under Woolwich), or for tax paid under a mistake of law (under DMG). The first would be time barred. The limit had been relaxed under the 1980 Act for the second. The Court of Appeal had found the Woolwich type remedy the appropriate one. The taxpayer appealed.
Held: As to whether Parliament had the right to amend the law in a way which disallowed access to both types of claims, the principle issue, a reference was made back to the European Court. The claimants’ appeal were dismissed on the issues of the application of section 32(1)(c) of the 1980 Act applied to their claims, and as to the significance of the difference between tax paid under demand or on filing a tax return.
The appeal succeeded in arguing that section 33 can be given an interpretation which conforms with EU law by not construing it as impliedly setting itself up as an exclusive provision. The common law claim in unjust enrichment remains available to the appellants. The appeal on this issue was allowed.
Lord Hope said: ‘I would hold that Parliament could not lawfully curtail without notice the extended limitation period under section 32(1)(c) of the Limitation Act 1980 for the mistake cause of action by section 320 FA 2004.’


Lord Hope, Deputy President, Lord Walker, Lord Brown, Lord Clarke, Lord Dyson, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed


[2012] UKSC 19, [2012] WLR(D) 161, [2012] STC 1362, [2012] 2 WLR 1149, [2012] 3 All ER 909, [2012] BTC 312, [2012] 2 AC 337, [2012] Bus LR 1033, [2012] STI 1707, UKSC 2010/0085


Bailii, SC, SC Summary


Limitation Act 1980 32(1)(c), Finance Act 2007 107


England and Wales


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