MT Hojgaard As v EON Climate and Renewables UK Robin Rigg East Ltd and Another: SC 3 Aug 2017

The defendants had requested tenders for the design and construction of an offshore wind farm. The court now considered the situation arising because of inconsistencies between documents in the tender request. The successful tender was based upon an international standard (approved by one part of the tender), but which came to fail, breaching a different requirement. The standard was itself in error. The defendant appealed.
Held: The appeal succeeded, and the decision at first instance restored. The part of the contract at issue specified a minimum level, and the contract expressly supported ‘departures from . . standards’, and stated that MTH ‘shall determine whether to employ shear keys within the grouted connection’; had shear keys been provided, the problems which arose would, it appears, have been averted.
Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury PSC, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony, Lord Sumption, Lord Hodge JJSC
Lord Mance
Lord Clarke
Lord Sumption
Lord Hodge
[2017] UKSC 59, [2017] Bus LR 1610, [2017] WLR(D) 562, UKSC 2015/0115
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England and Wales
At TCCMT Hojgaard A/S v E.On Climate and Renewables and Others TCC 15-Apr-2014
The claimant had constructed a substantial windfarm according to an international standard later shown to be defective. The defendant argued that the contract also required that the work be to a standard guaranteed a service life of 20 years.
At CAM T Hojgaard A/S v EOn Climate and Renewables UK, Robin Rigg East Ltd and Another CA 22-May-2014
The claimant contracted with the defendants for the supply of a barge for delivery of equipment to offshore wind farms. The barge proved inadequate. The company supplied an alternative vessel, and the parties now disputed the financial consequences. . .
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The contractor successfully tendered for work involving the replacement of the existing Blackfriars Bridge pursuant to an employer’s invitation, which stated that the work was to be carried out pursuant to a specification. The specification included . .
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Lord Bridge said that poor drafting in a contract itself provides: ‘no reason to depart from the fundamental rule of construction of contractual documents that the intention of the parties must be ascertained from the language that they have used . .
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The court considered how the losses of the insolvent company were to be distributed as between secured creditors and preferential creditors, given the terms of the applicable trust deed.
Held: The court considered the interpretations of the . .
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Canadian Supreme Court – implications of a contractual warranty that goods supplied by a supplier of materials for a construction project ‘will be fit for the purpose for which they are to be used’ and a warranty and guarantee that the goods ‘are . .
CitedMt Hojgaard A/S v EOn Climate and Renewables UK Robin Rigg East Ltd and Others TCC 23-Apr-2013
Dispute as to adequacy of barge provided for support of marine wind farm. . .
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Held: The . .
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Construction of term of contract for the sale and purchase of the entire issued share capital of a company.
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