LB Holdings Intermediate 2 Ltd, The Joint Administrators of v Lehman Brothers International (Europe), The Joint Administrators of and Others: SC 17 May 2017

In the course of the insolvent administration of the bank, substantial additional sums were received. Parties appealed against some orders made on the application to court for directions as to what was to be done with the surplus.
Held: The Court considered the so called waterfall of distributions made on liquidation which proved to be in surplus as set out in Nortel.
It was not be open to LBHI2 to lodge a proof in respect of the subordinated debt until the non-provable liabilities have been paid in full, it was clear that, after meeting that proof in full and paying any statutory interest due on it, the non-provable liabilities could be met in full. As soon as that has happened, there would, subject to what I say in the next paragraph, be nothing to stop LBHI2 lodging a late proof: ‘On the face of it at any rate, it seems a little strange that a proof can be, or has to be, lodged for a debt which ranks after statutory interest (which can only be paid out of a ‘surplus’) and non-provable liabilities. It may be that the proper analysis is that the subordinated debt is a non-provable debt which ranks after all other non-provable liabilities.’
Based the narrower or primary contention raised by the LBHI2 administrators, it is not open to the foreign currency creditors to seek to claim as a non-provable debt, the difference between the sterling value of the debt at the administration date and the sterling value of that debt when paid, where the latter exceeds the former.
The contractual right (in this case to recover interest and in the case of currency conversion claims, to be paid at a particular rate of exchange) has been replaced by legislative rules. On that basis, there is no room for the contractual right to revive just because those rules contain a casus omissus or because they result in a worse outcome for a creditor than he would have enjoyed under the contract.
Section 74 can be relied on to meet non-provable liabilities but not statutory interest: ‘I would allow the LBHI2 administrators’ appeal on the issue whether section 74 can be invoked in order to pay statutory interest, but I would dismiss their appeal on the issue whether that section can be invoked in order to meet other non-provable liabilities. I would therefore allow the appeal in part against para (vi) of David Richards J’s order.’

Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Kerr, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed
[2017] UKSC 38, [2017] 2 BCLC 149, [2017] 2 WLR 1497, [2017] BCC 235, [2018] AC 465, UKSC 2015/0138
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Insolvency Act 1986, Insolvency Rules 1986
England and Wales
At ChDRe Lehman Brothers International (Europe) and Others ChD 14-Mar-2014
On the winding up of the company, there had unexpectedly been a surplus of assets after payment of all debts. The court was now asked to determine claims to be allowed before a distribution was made.
Held: The court made declarations as . .
At CALB Holdings Intermediate 2 Ltd, (The Joint Administrators of) and Others v Lomas and Others CA 14-May-2015
Applications after recovery of surplus funds to repay creditors of Lehmann Brothers Ltd. The court had given orders as to the several uses of the surpluses. The parties appealed some elements of those orders.
Held: Most elements were upheld, . .
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B died having made a will leaving a fund to pay income to A who owed her money but had been made bankrupt before the death. The debt to B remained unpaid.
Held: The liability to pay the debt and the right to receive the legacy had never tested . .
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The court was asked as to the interrelationship of the statutory schemes relating to the protection of employees’ pensions and to corporate insolvency.
Held: Liabilities which arose from financial support directions or contribution notices . .
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Section 30 of the 1914 Act provided that ‘demands in the nature of unliquidated damages … shall not be provable in bankruptcy’. Tort claims were therefore excluded as provable debts by the express wording of the Act. . .
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There is no power in the court to make any arrangement which will result in the preference of one set of creditors over others of the same class. . .
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A company contributory has no liability until the company concerned is wound up. . .
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Hoffmann L said: ‘It is a matter of common occurrence for an individual to become insolvent while . .
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TB was indebted to CB, his sister, in the sum of andpound;1878. He became bankrupt, and shortly after his bankruptcy C B made her will, giving legacies of andpound;500 and andpound;2,000 to her executors, in trust to pay the interest thereof (as to . .
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B died having made a will leaving a fund to pay income to A who owed her money but had been made bankrupt before the death. The debt to B remained unpaid.
Held: The liability to pay the debt and the right to receive the legacy had never tested . .
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A debt was owed by the beneficiary to the estate which was payable by way of future instalments which were not due.
Held: The debt did not entitle the executors to hold back distribution of the beneficiary’s share of the estate. . .

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