Wood v Capita Insurance Services Ltd: SC 29 Mar 2017

Construction of term of contract for the sale and purchase of the entire issued share capital of a company.
Held: The appeal was dismissed: ‘the SPA may have become a poor bargain, as it appears that it did not notify the sellers of a warranty claim within two years of Completion. But it is not the function of the court to improve their bargain.’ The Court of Appeal’s construction of the Contract was correct.
The court when interpreting a contract term must find the objective meaning of the language used. That was not a literalist exercise, parsing the wording and particular clauses, but the court must take the entire contract and, depending on its the nature and formality and the quality of its the drafting, give more or less weight to elements of the wider context in reaching its view as to that objective meaning; that the interpretation of a contract was a unitary exercise and, where there were rival meanings, the court could give weight to the implications of rival constructions by reaching a view as to which construction was more consistent with business common sense; but that, in striking a balance between the indications given by the language and the implications of the competing constructions, the court had to consider the quality of drafting of the clause and also to be alive to the possibility that one side might have agreed to something which, with hindsight, did not serve his interest; that similarly the court should not lose sight of the possibility that the provision might be a negotiated compromise or that the negotiators were unable to agree more precise terms; that that unitary exercise involved a iterative process whereby each suggested interpretation was checked against the provisions of the contract and its commercial consequences were investigated; that when interpreting any contract, textualism and contextualism could be used as tools to ascertain the objective meaning of the language which the parties had chosen to express their agreement, and the extent to which each tool would assist the court in its task would vary according to the circumstances of the particular agreements; that agreements which were sophisticated and complex because they had been negotiated and prepared with the assistance of skilled professionals might be successfully interpreted principally by textual analysis; that the correct interpretation of other contracts, for example those which lacked clarity because of their informality, brevity or the absence of skilled professional assistance, might be achieved by a greater emphasis on considering their factual matrix and the purpose of similar provisions in contracts of the same type; that that approach to contractual interpretation was confirmed by recent case law and the recent history of the common law of contractual interpretation which was one of continuity rather than change.
Lord Neuberger, President, Lord Mance, Lord Clarke, Lord Sumption, Lord Hodge
[2017] UKSC 24, [2017] 2 WLR 1095, [2017] AC 1173, [2017] CILL 3971, [2017] 4 All ER 615, [2017] WLR(D) 220, 171 Con LR 1, UKSC 2015/0212
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England and Wales
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Backgroun Used to Construe Commercial Contract
Commercial contracts are to be construed in the light of all the background information which could reasonably have been expected to have been available to the parties in order to ascertain what would objectively have been understood to be their . .
CitedReardon Smith Line Ltd v Yngvar Hansen-Tangen (The ‘Diana Prosperity’) HL 1976
In construing a contract, three principles can be found. The contextual scene is always relevant. Secondly, what is admissible as a matter of the rules of evidence under this heading is what is arguably relevant, but admissibility is not decisive. . .
CitedInvestors Compensation Scheme Ltd v West Bromwich Building Society HL 19-Jun-1997
Account taken of circumstances wihout ambiguity
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CitedGan Insurance Co Ltd v Tai Ping Insurance Co Ltd CA 3-Jul-2001
A reinsurance contract which contained a clause which provided that no settlement or compromise of a claim could be made or liability admitted by the insured without the prior approval of the reinsurers. The court considered how the discretion to . .
CitedSigma Finance Corporation, Re; (in administrative receivership) SC 29-Oct-2009
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CitedRainy Sky Sa and Others v Kookmin Bank SC 2-Nov-2011
Commercial Sense Used to Interpret Contract
The Court was asked as to the role of commercial good sense in the construction of a term in a contract which was open to alternative interpretations.
Held: The appeal succeeded. In such a case the court should adopt the more, rather than the . .
CitedArnold v Britton and Others SC 10-Jun-2015
Absurdity did not defeat a clear clause
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Appeal fromWood v Sureterm Direct Ltd and Capita Insurance Services Ltd CA 30-Jul-2015
At issue in this appeal is the true construction of a clause in a sale and purchase agreement in respect of all the shares in a company.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The Court of Appeal declared that Mr Wood’s liability under the indemnity in . .

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