Geldof Metaalconstructie Nv v Simon Carves Ltd: CA 11 Jun 2010

The parties contracted for the supply and installation of pressure vessels by Geldof (G) for a building constructed by Simon Carves (SC). The contract contained a clause denying the remedy of set-off. G sued for the sale price, and SC now sought an equitable set off of damages for repudiation. The judge had put the question as that it was for SCL to show that there was an ‘inseparable connection’ between claim and counterclaim, and that it would be manifestly unjust to allow the former to be enforced without regard to the latter. He did not find that connection.
Held: The appeal against summary judgment denying the right of set off succeeded. The court examined in depth the development of the law of equitable set off and concluded: ‘I would underline Lord Denning’s test, freed of any reference to the concept of impeachment, as the best restatement of the test, and the one most frequently referred to and applied, namely: ‘cross-claims . . so closely connected with [the plaintiff’s] demands that it would be manifestly unjust to allow him to enforce payment without taking into account the cross-claim’.’ (‘the Nanfri’)
In this case, two contracts were involved.

Maurice Kay VP CA, Rix, Patten LJJ
[2010] EWCA Civ 667, [2010] CILL 2880, [2010] 4 All ER 847, [2011] Bus LR D61, 130 Con LR 37
England and Wales
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The question was the degree of connection which must be shown between (1) a claim for unliquidated damages for breach of a contract and (2) a cross-claim for unliquidated damages for breach of a different contract between the same parties, in order . .
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Claims for freight charges are an exception to the general rule that all claims between parties must be resolved in one action. A claim for freight cannot be a claim ‘on the same grounds’ as a counter-claim for loss or damage arising out of the . .
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The court considered whether claim as against a shipowner could be set off against sums due under a time charter hire.
Held: Save for any contractual provision to the contrary a tenant is entitled to deduct from the rent payable, so as to . .
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The court discussed the application of the equitable doctrine of set-off. Justice Hobhouse said: ‘Equitable principles derive from a sense of what justice and fairness demand. This does not mean that equitable set-off has been reduced to an exercise . .
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A direct debit arrangement is tantamount to a payment by cash and so precludes the use of the defence of set-off for non-payment. . .
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