Hanak v Green: CA 1958

A builder was sued for his failure to complete the works he had contracted for. The buider sought a set-off against that claim of three of his one claims. One, under the contract, was for losses from the defendant’s refusal to allow his workmen access, the second was in quantum meruit for the works completed, and the third was inn tort for trespass to his tools.
Held: The court was able to order a set-off of claims between the parties despite the absence of any specific plea in that behalf. Equitable set-off is not confined to debts or liquidated damages and so long as the cross-claim is sufficiently closely connected with the debt as to make it inequitable to take account of one without taking account of the other, then the set-off of the claim operates to reduce or eliminate the debt. Set-off operates by way of a defence. There are three occasions on which set-off is permissible: (1) set-off under the rule replacing the statutes of set-off; (2) what might be called abatement in certain cases at common law; and (3) equitable set-off.
Morris LJ said as to the first occasion: ‘The claims on both sides had to be liquidated debts or money demands which could be ascertained with certainty at the time of the pleading.’ and ‘The plaintiff, suing as agent or trustee for her son, claimed andpound; 50 from the defendant. The defendant had a perfectly good claim for andpound; 51 damages against the plaintiff’s son. It was held that the defendant could set up as a defence to the claim against him that the plaintiff’s son (the cestui que trust of the plaintiff) was indebted to the defendant in a sum for unliquidated damages exceeding the amount of the claim.
The conclusion seems to me to be clearly correct and obviously fair. It would have been manifestly unjust if the defendant had had to pay andpound;50 to the plaintiff (who was an agent or trustee for her son) at a time when the defendant had an unquestioned claim of andpound;51 against the plaintiff’s son who had left the country. There was a close relationship between the dealings and transactions which gave rise to the respective claims. If the case had been brought before the Judicature Act it would appear that the defendant would have had strong equitable grounds for asking a Court of Chancery to restrain the plaintiff from proceeding with her case. But since the Judicature Act the position is that matters of equity on which such injunctions might formerly have been obtained, may now be relied on by way of defence.’

Buxton LJ, Morris LJ
[1958] 2 QB 9, [1958] 2 WLR 755, [1958] 2 All ER 141
England and Wales
ApprovedIn re a Bankruptcy Notice CA 1934
. .
ExaminedBankes v Jarvis 1903
The plaintiff was his son’s agent. The son purchased a veterinary surgeon’s practice from the defendant, agreeing to pay the rent and indemnify the defendant against liability under a lease of premises from which the practice was carried on. The son . .

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CitedDole Dried Fruit and Nut Co v Trustin Kerwood Ltd CA 1990
The defendant had an exclusive distributorship agency for the plaintiff in England. Under that agreement, the plaintiff sold its prunes and raisins to the defendant under separate contracts of sale. The plaintiff claimed the price of goods sold . .
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