Stocznia Gdynia Sa v Gearbulk Holdings Ltd: CA 13 Feb 2009

Orders were placed for the construction of ships. They were not delivered. The buyer, the defendant, cancelled the orders. The defendants sought the loss of profit. The claimants said they were entitled only to the repayment of instalments. The arbitrator found in favour of the purchaser. The yard appealed successfully. The purchaser now appealed in turn.
Held: The appeal was allowed, and the arbitrator’s award re-instated. The contract provided for termination for a major breach, and liquidated damages, but that was not this situation. The parties had intended the schedule to provide a remedy additional to those that would ordinarily be available to Gearbulk on termination of the contract. The yard’s breaches amounted to a repudiation. A repudiation may be shown to have been accepted even where a contract comes to an end under an express right to terminate
Moore-Bick LJ said: ‘but where the contract provides a right to terminate which corresponds to a right under the general law (because the breach goes to the root of the contract or the parties have agreed that it should be treated as doing so) no election is necessary. In such cases it is sufficient for the injured party simply to make clear that he is treating the contract as discharged . .’

Ward LJ, Smith LJ, Moore-Bick LJ
[2009] EWCA Civ 75, [2010] QB 27, [2009] CILL 2708, [2009] BLR 196, [2009] 1 Lloyds Rep 461, [2009] 1 CLC 134, [2009] 3 WLR 677
Arbitration Act 1996
England and Wales
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The parties entered an agreement to distribute and sell goods in the UK. They disagreed as to the meaning of a term governing the termination of the distributorship.
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A contract for the construction of a house gave the building owner the right to determine the contract if the rate of progress, materials or workmanship proved unsatisfactory as certified by an independent third party and the building contractor . .
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A payment condition was just that and that a failure to pay entitled the seller to terminate at common law. Rix LJ said: ‘It is established law that, where one party to a contract has repudiated it, the other may validly accept that repudiation by . .
Appeal fromStocznia Gdynia Sa v Gearbulk Holdings Ltd ComC 2-May-2008
The claimants sought damages for repudiatory breach of three contracts to construct ships. . .
DistinguishedUnited Dominions Trust Limited v Ennis CA 1968
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A ship was caught in harbour when an air raid broke out. The master took the ship to sea where it suffered damage.
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Interpretation of Exclusion Clauses
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The Court was asked to decide (i) which, if either, of the two parties to a 15 year agreement lawfully terminated it; (ii) whether, if one of them did so, it was by giving notice under a contractual termination clause or by way of acceptance of the . .

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