Fothergill v Monarch Airlines Ltd: HL 10 Jul 1980

The plaintiff, on arriving at the airport found that his luggage had been lost. The defendant denied liability saying he had not notified his claim within the requisite period.
Held: Elementary justice requires that the rules by which the citizen is bound should be ascertainable by reference to sources that are accessible. A court may in appropriate cases have regard to travaux preparatoires in construing a treaty but such an aid is only helpful if the materials clearly and indisputably point to a definite treaty intention. As to the Convention: ‘The language of that Convention that has been adopted at the international conference to express the common intention of the majority of the states represented there is meant to be understood in the same sense by the courts of all those states which ratify or accede to the Convention. Their national styles of legislative draftsmanship will vary considerably as between one another. So will the approach of their judiciaries to the interpretation of written laws and to the extent to which recourse may be had to travaux preparatoires, doctrine and jurisprudence as extraneous aids to the interpretation of the legislative text. The language of an international convention has not been chosen by an English parliamentary draftsman. It is neither couched in the conventional English legislative idiom nor designed to be construed exclusively by English judges. It is addressed to a much wider and more varied judicial audience than is an Act of Parliament that deals with purely domestic law. It should be interpreted, as Lord Wilberforce put it in James Buchanan and Co. Ltd v Babco Forwarding and Shipping (U.K.) Ltd [1978] A.C. 141, 152, `unconstrained by technical rules of English law, or by English legal precedent, but on broad principles of general acceptation.’ and where a treaty is directly incorporated into English law by Act of the legislature, its terms become subject to the interpretative jurisdiction of the court in the same way as any other Act of the legislature.
Lord Diplock, Lord Wilberforce
[1980] 2 All ER 696, [1980] 3 WLR 209, [1981] AC 251, [1980] UKHL 6
mercatoria, Bailii
Warsaw Convention 1929 17, Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties
England and Wales
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