Revenue and Customs v Smallwood and Another: CA 8 Jul 2010

The taxpayers had set up trusts which they said were based in Mauritius allowing them to claim double taxation relief. The Revenue had issued closure notices, confirmed by the SPCT, but overturned by the High Court. The Revenue appealed, saying that the trust was resident in the UK.
Held: The appeal suceeded (Patten LJ dissenting in part). The judge had erred in applying the test of residence only as at the date of the disposal in issue. The phrase ‘resident in a contracting state’ should be read as ‘chargeable to to tax in that state on account of residence’ which would allow consideration also of subsequent actions and events. The relevant place of effective management was that of the trustees as a contuing body, and on the facts the SPCT had been entitled to conclude that it was in the UK.

Ward, Hughes, Patten LJJ
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Taxation of Chargeable Gains Act 1992 277, Double Taxation Relief (Taxes on Income) (Mauritius) Order 1981 (SI 1121/1981) Sch 1 4(1)(3) 13(4)
England and Wales
At SPCTTrevor Smallwood Trust v Revenue and Customs SCIT 19-Feb-2008
SCIT CAPITAL GAINS TAX – double taxation relief – trust assets included shares which would realise a gain on disposal – UK settlor had power to appoint new trustees – tax planning scheme – new trustees in . .
Appeal fromSmallwood v Revenue and Customs ChD 8-Apr-2009
The taxpayer had settled company shares for the benefit of himself and his family. He appealed from an amendment to his tax returns creating a CGT liability of 6 million pounds.
Held: The appeal was successful. . .
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The House was asked whether a particular transaction was ‘an adventure in the nature of trade’.
Held: Although the House accepted that this was ‘an inference of fact’, on the primary facts as found by the Commissioners ‘the true and only . .
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The appellant Company was registered in the Cape Colony and it’s business was mining for diamonds in mines which it possessed in South Africa, and selling the diamonds there under annual contracts to a syndicate for delivery there. The Head Office . .
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A consignment of whisky was stolen whilst on consignemt from a bonded warehouse under CMR terms for Teheran. In bond, it was worth 7,000 pounds, and on export no excise duty was to be paid. Being stolen in the course of transit, excise duty of . .
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Husband and wife sold their business, arranging matters so as to avoid paying Capital Gains Tax by transferring their interest between members of a group of companies which was non-resident.
Held: The scheme was effective. The sole real issue . .
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The test for where a trust has its tax residence is the place which is the centre of top-level management. . .
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Mummery J set out the correct approach to interpretation of double taxation agreements as laid down in Fothergill. He said ‘(1) It is necessary to look first for a clear meaning of the words used in the relevant article of the convention, bearing in . .
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The plaintiff, on arriving at the airport found that his luggage had been lost. The defendant denied liability saying he had not notified his claim within the requisite period.
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CitedFowler v Revenue and Customs SC 20-May-2020
The taxpayer, a diver resident in South Africa had undertaken engagements within UK waters and now disputed his liability to Income Tax using a deeming provision in section 5 of the 2005 Act being self employed.
Held: HMRC’s appeal succeeded. . .

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