Occidental Exploration and Production Company vRepublic of Ecuador: CA 9 Sep 2005

The parties had arbitrated their dispute in London under a bilateral investment treaty between the US and Ecuador. The republic sought to appeal the arbitration. The applicant now appealed an order that the English High Court had jurisdiction to hear the appeal.
Held: The appeal was dismissed. The treaty was intended to encourage bilateral trading between the US and Ecuador, and the provision for resolution of disputes was part of that. This was a determination of private rights, and not an adjudication as between states. English law had been made the curial law of the arbitration, though international law was to be preferred as the agreement to arbitrate. Here there was no attempt to invoke at national level an international treaty, and the general law of non-justiciability did not apply: ‘We see no good reason why any arbitration held pursuant to such an agreement, or any supervisory role which the court of the place of arbitration may have in relation to any such arbitration, should be categorised as being concerned with ‘transactions between States’ so as to invoke the principle of non-justiciability. ‘ The court described the international system for arbitrating banking disputes, saying: ‘The Treaty involves, on any view, a deliberate attempt to ensure for private investors the benefits and protection of consensual arbitration; and this is an aim to which national courts should, in an internationalist spirit and because it has been agreed between States at an international level, aspire to give effect.’

Mance LJ
[2005] EWCA Civ 1116, Times 23-Sep-2005, [2006] 2 WLR 70, [2006] QB 432
Arbitration Act 1996 67
England and Wales
Appeal fromEcuador v Occidental Exploration and Production Company ComC 29-Apr-2005
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. .
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The parties were involved in an international investment dispute arbitration. An injunction had been sought to prevent repatriation of assets to Bolivia.
Held: The international system of arbitration was not subject to any national law and did . .
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The parties were involved in an international investment dispute arbitration. An injunction had been sought to prevent repatriation of assets to Bolivia.
Held: The international system of arbitration was not subject to any national law and did . .

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