Whitwham v Westminster Brymbo Coal and Coke Co: CA 1896

Common law damages for the misuse of property involved an award of a sum equivalent to the price or hire that a reasonable person would pay for such use, even if the owner would not himself actually have been using the property. This case involved trespass to land by tipping.
Lindley LJ observed ‘that if one man runs trucks on rails over another man’s land it does not do any harm whatever, and there is no pecuniary damage’, but that the law was now settled. He stated the principle: ‘if one person has without leave of another been using that other’s land for his own purposes, he ought to pay for such user.’
References: [1896] 2 Ch 538
Judges: Rigby, Lindley LJ
Jurisdiction: England and Wales
This case cites:

  • Approved – Jegon v Vivian 1871
    Unauthorised mining of land – measure of damages.
    Held: Although the value of his land may not have been diminished by the trespass, the plaintiff recovered damages equivalent to what he would have received if he had been paid for a wayleave. . .
    ((1871) LR 6 Ch App 742)

This case is cited by:

  • Cited – Experience Hendrix LLC v PPX Enterprises Inc and Another CA 20-Mar-2003
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