Experience Hendrix LLC v PPX Enterprises Inc and Another: CA 20 Mar 2003

The claimant had obtained an interim injunction against the defendant for copyright infringement, though it could show no losses. It now sought additionally damages. The defendant argued that it could not have both.
Held: The case arose form the defendant doing what he had agreed not to do, in circumstances where damages might be inadequate. PPX risked being unable to market its products, and reached the agreement which it then went on to breach. Any reasonable observer would think the claimant entitled to damages. The award of a full account would be artificial, and an undertaking would be effective.
Lord Justice Peter Gibson Mr Justice Hooper Lord Justice Mance
[2003] EWCA Civ 323, Times 19-Apr-2003, Gazette 05-Jun-2003, [2003] 1 All ER (Comm) 830, [2003] EMLR 25, [2003] FSR 46
Dramatic and Musical Performers Protection Act 1958 1
England and Wales
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Restitutionary Claim against Pofits from Breach
The author had written his book in breach of his duty of confidence. Having signed the Official Secrets Act, he accepted a contractual private law duty. After conviction as a spy, the publication of the book was in breach of the undertaking by not . .
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Common law damages for the misuse of property involved an award of a sum equivalent to the price or hire that a reasonable person would pay for such use, even if the owner would not himself actually have been using the property. This case involved . .
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The court considered the level of damages to be awarded for misuse of property (failing to remove a floating dock) which the owner would not have used. The sum was the reasonable cost of hire. . .
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The court assessed the amount of damages for the wrongful refusal to deliver up portable switchboards which the owner would not have used anyway (detinue). The measure was a sum equivalent to the price or hire that a reasonable person would pay for . .
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The court ordered an account of profits as a remedy for breach of a contractual scheme called ‘Pricewatch’ operated by the claimant with its dealers, who agreed to report competitors’ prices and to abide by prices set daily by Esso to match the . .
DoubtedWWF -World Wide Fund for Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund), World Wildlife Fund Inc v World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc ChD 1-Oct-2001
The Fund sought summary relief against the use of the sign ‘WWF’ by the defendants, in breach of a contract. The defendants urged that the contract operated in restraint of trade. There had been long running and widespread trade mark disputes, . .
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The Act created a private right to performers. Although it might appear to provide criminal sanctions only, performers had the right to give or withhold consent to the use of their performances and to enforce that right by action in the civil . .
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55 houses had been built by the defendant, knowingly in breach of a restrictive covenant, imposed for the benefit of an estate, and in the face of objections by the claimant.
Held: The restrictive covenant not to develop other than in . .
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A local authority had sold surplus land to a developer and obtained a covenant that the developer would develop the land in accordance with an existing planning permission. The sole purpose of the local authority in imposing the covenant was to . .
Appeal fromExperience Hendrix Llc v PPX Enterprises Inc and Chaplin QBD 5-Jul-2002
. .

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The parties had disputed use of the initals WWF, with a compromise reached in 1994 allowing primary use by the Fund with restricted use by the Federation. The Federation now appealed an award of damages made after a finding of a breach of the . .
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Held: In an action for breach . .
CitedDevenish Nutrition Ltd v Sanofi-Aventis Sa (France) and others CA 14-Oct-2008
The defendant had been involved in price fixing arrangements, and the claimant sought damages for breach of its proprietary rights. The claimant appealed refusal of an award an account of profits for what was akin to a breach of statutory duty.
CitedStar Energy Weald Basin Ltd and Another v Bocardo Sa SC 28-Jul-2010
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CitedMorris-Garner and Another v One Step (Support) Ltd SC 18-Apr-2018
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