Ramzan v Brookwide Ltd: CA 19 Aug 2011

The defendant had broken through into a neighbour’s flying freehold room, closed it off, and then included it in its own premises for let. It now appealed against the quantum of damages awarded. The judge had found the actions deliberate and with a view to profit, and had awarded exemplary damages. The defendant said that they were excessive and duplicated certain elements.
Held: There had been been some duplication of losses and the exemplary damages award had been excessive. The claim for damages for breach of trust and the claim for loss of profit are not cumulative remedies but alternative and inconsistent remedies. However the appeal as to loss of profits amounted to a challenge to her conclusions of fact not law, and must fail.
‘Mesne profits are damages for the loss of use of land, in this case the loss of the use of the store room. A person entitled to land, usually a landlord where the lease or tenancy has terminated, can claim compensation for being deprived of possession by damages representing either the rent he actually lost or the rent that he could have obtained if he had let the premises.’
As to the calculation of interest, there was no reason not to follow Dexter v Courtaulds in the calculation of interest on awards of damages outside personal injury cases.

Arden, Lloyd, Tomlinson LJJ
[2011] EWCA Civ 985
England and Wales
At County CourtRamzan v Agra Ltd; Ramzan v Brookwide Limited Misc 4-Apr-2008
(Birmingham County Court) The parties disputed ownership of a room between their adjoining properties, which incuded a flying freehold. The defendant was said to have broken through into the room, and then blocked off the previous door into the . .
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Appeal fromRamzan v Brookwide Ltd ChD 8-Oct-2010
The claimant owned a flying freehold room butting into the defendant’s property. Whilst the claimant’s property was unoccupied, the defendant broke through into the room, blocked off the door to the claimant’s property, and included the room in the . .
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Principal judgmentRamzan v Brookwide Ltd (Ancillary Matters) CA 19-Aug-2011
Costs award after principal judgment . .

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