Severn Trent Water Ltd v Barnes: CA 13 May 2004

The water company appealed an award of damages after it had been found to have laid a water main under the claimant’s land without his knowledge or consent. The court had awarded restitutionary damages.
Held: The judge fell into error in awarding the exercise the judge sought to perform by awarding the additional sum of andpound;1560 was to compensate for the financial advantage to Severn Trent of using the main without having paid an appropriate sum by way of compensation during a period of 3 years up to the time (July 1995) when the judge considered that the matter would have been settled had Mr Barnes been properly advised. He had no right to an account of profits as well as a sum to compensate him for his loss. Award reduced accordingly.
Potter LJ said: ‘It is of course the position that in cases of trespass of this kind there is no right to a share in, or account of, profits in any conventional sense. The only relevance of the defendant’s profits is that they are likely to be a helpful reference point for the court when seeking to fix upon a fair price for a notional licence.’


Lord Justice Potter Lord Justice Jonathan Parker And Sir Swinton Thomas


[2004] EWCA Civ 570, [2004] 2 EGLR 95, [2004] 26 EG 194, [2005] RVR 181




Water Industry Act 1991 159


England and Wales


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Common law damages for the misuse of property involved an award of a sum equivalent to the price or hire that a reasonable person would pay for such use, even if the owner would not himself actually have been using the property. This case involved . .
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Recovery of damages after Refusal of Injunction
The plaintiff appealed against the award of damages instead of an injunction aftter the County court had found the defendant to have trespassed on his land by a new building making use of a private right of way.
Held: The appeal failed.

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