Simms v Conlon and Another: CA 20 Dec 2006

Solicitors within a practice sued each other, and one wished to plead the fact of a finding of professional misconduct.
Held: The defendant’s appeal succeeded. It was not an abuse for the appellant to continue to assert his innocence, and the findings were not admissible as a whole. Prospective partners were under a duty to disclose matters within their knowledge of relevance to the proposed partnership. The issue of the need to disclose a past finding of dishonesty was inextricably tied to the past finding. ‘there can be no doubt that the principle of caveat emptor does not apply to the making of a partnership agreement, and that in negotiating such an agreement a party owes a duty to the other negotiating parties to disclose all material facts of which he has knowledge and of which the other negotiating parties may not be aware.’
However, absent fraud, breach of the duty of disclosure will, at least as a general rule, give rise merely to a right of rescission and not damages.
When considering an allegation of abuse of process, a court should be slower in preventing a party from continuing to deny serious charges of which another court has previously found him guilty than in preventing such a party from initiating proceedings for the purpose of relitigating the question whether he is guilty of those charges. If the claimants had wanted to rely on the earlier proceedings hey should have pleaded the particular parts upon which they wished to rely, rather than seeking to import the entire proceedings. The abuse of process allegation was not made out as against the defendant persisting in his denial of the findings.


Lord Justice Ward, Lord Justice Jonathan Parker and Lord Justice More-Blick


[2008] 1 WLR 484, [2006] EWCA Civ 1749, Times 17-Jan-2007, [2007] 3 All ER 802




England and Wales


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Appeal fromConlon and Another v Simms ChD 9-Mar-2006
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