Waugh v British Railways Board: HL 12 Jul 1979

No Litigation Privilege without Dominant Purpose

An internal report had been prepared by two of the Board’s officers two days after a collision involving the death of a locomotive driver, whose widow brought the action and now sought its production.
Held: The court considered litigation privilege. There is a conflict between the need to enable clients to communicate freely with their legal advisers in relation to litigation and the need to ensure that all relevant material is before the court. The report undoubtedly contained material collected by or on behalf of the Board for the use of their solicitors in anticipated litigation, but because it could not be shown that this was its dominant purpose the document did not attract litigation privilege.
Legal advice privilege has to be distinguished from litigation privilege. The need to make that distinction was sometimes overlooked: ‘It is for the party refusing disclosure to establish his right to refuse. It may well be that in some cases where that right has in the past been upheld the courts have failed to keep clear the distinction between (a) communications between client and legal adviser, and (b) communications between the client and third parties, made (as the Law Reform Committee put it) ‘for the purpose of obtaining information to be submitted to the client’s professional legal advisers for the purpose of obtaining advice upon pending or contemplated litigation.”
A ‘dominant purpose’ test was the best method of resolving the competing principles that on the one hand there should be full disclosure of relevant material in litigation, and on the other, there must be effective maintenance of legal professional privilege.


Lord Simon, Lord Edmund Davies, Lord Wilberforce


[1980] AC 521, [1979] UKHL 2, [1979] 3 WLR 150, [1979] 2 All ER 1169, [1979] UKHL TC – 53 – 185




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