OMV Petrom Sa v Glencore International Ag: ComC 7 Feb 2014

The claimant sought to have struck out as abuse of process parts of the defence, saying that the factual issues raised had already been resolved in arbitration proceedings, but as against a different oarty. The defendant replied that the arbitration had been confidential to the parties to it.
Held: The application was refused.
Independently of the res judicata doctrine, it can be an abuse of process for a party to later proceedings to seek to relitigate issues determined in previous proceedings: ‘It can, in my view, be an abuse of process for a party which was successful overall in earlier proceedings to seek to relitigate an issue on which it was unsuccessful. Likewise, whilst it may be decisive under the doctrine of res judicata to identify whether or not a particular finding was obiter, there is no reason to take such a restrictive view in the case of abuse of process. The focus in the latter case is not so much on the binding nature of the finding, but upon the undesirability of having the same matter adjudicated upon again where it would be manifestly unfair to do so, or would bring the administration of justice into disrepute.’ However, in this case, there were significant doubts as to the effect of the order sought by Petrom as regards the issues that would, and would not, remain live at trial.

Blair J
[2014] EWHC 242 (Comm)
Limitation Act 1980 32
England and Wales
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