Ramzan v Brookwide Ltd: ChD 8 Oct 2010

The claimant owned a flying freehold room butting into the defendant’s property. Whilst the claimant’s property was unoccupied, the defendant broke through into the room, blocked off the door to the claimant’s property, and included the room in the flat it then let. The case was transferred to the High court to consider issues of principle on the award of damages, including exemplary damages.
Held: Throughout the period, the defendant had held the property in trust for the claimant, and profits fell to be awarded for trespass, denial of title, an account of profits exemplary damages. The court decided to award: ‘mesne profits, representing the actual loss to the Claimant, on the basis of applying an annual percentage of 4.5% to the agreed capital value of the expropriated property’.


Geraldine Andrews QC J


[2010] EWHC 2453 (Ch), [2011] 2 All ER 38




England and Wales


Transferred fromRamzan v Agra Ltd; Ramzan v Brookwide Limited Misc 4-Apr-2008
(Birmingham County Court) The parties disputed ownership of a room between their adjoining properties, which incuded a flying freehold. The defendant was said to have broken through into the room, and then blocked off the previous door into the . .
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The court set down the conditions for the award of exemplary damages. There are two categories. The first is where there has been oppressive or arbitrary conduct by a defendant. Cases in the second category are those in which the defendant’s conduct . .
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The second defendant appealed against the level of damages awarded against him after he was found guilty of a fraud on the claimant, saying that the loss of profits element was unproven.
Held: The appeal failed. Where a claimant’s investment . .
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The amount of damages payable by a trespasser on land is ordinarily the letting value of the premises. Megaw LJ said: ‘It appears to me to be clear, both as a matter of principle and of authority, that in a case of this sort the plaintiff, when he . .
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A person who has profited from trespassing on someone else’s land may be ordered to pay what are sometimes called ‘restitutionary damages’ to the landowner. Mesne profits can be calculated as the cost of alternative Local Authority Housing. Kennedy . .
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At first instanceRamzan v Brookwide Ltd (Ancillary Matters) CA 19-Aug-2011
Costs award after principal judgment . .
Appeal fromRamzan v Brookwide Ltd CA 19-Aug-2011
The defendant had broken through into a neighbour’s flying freehold room, closed it off, and then included it in its own premises for let. It now appealed against the quantum of damages awarded. The judge had found the actions deliberate and with a . .
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