HM Attorney General v Blake (Jonathan Cape Ltd third Party intervening): HL 3 Aug 2000

Restitutionary Claim against Pofits from Breach

The author had written his book in breach of his duty of confidence. Having signed the Official Secrets Act, he accepted a contractual private law duty. After conviction as a spy, the publication of the book was in breach of the undertaking by not first seeking authority to publish.
Held: In a case where the usual remedies for breach of contract were insufficient, it was possible to make an order which would remove from the person in breach of contract, the benefits of the breach. In these circumstances, it was appropriate to award a sum equal to the amount of royalties he would receive from his publisher. The law now recognises a restitutionary claim for profits made from a breach of contract in cases of ‘skimped’ performance, and cases where the defendant obtained his profit by doing ‘the very thing’ he contracted not to do, as here.

Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead Lord Goff of Chieveley Lord Browne-Wilkinson Lord Steyn Lord Hobhouse of Wood-borough
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House of Lords, Bailii
Official Secrets Act 1911
England and Wales
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