Meretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others: ChD 30 Jan 2006

The applicant challenged the exercise of a power of sale under a mortgage, saying that the mortgagee’s purposes included purposes not those under the mortgage. The parties had been involved in an attempted development of a penthouse.
Held: The power was validly exercised. Provided the recovery of the sums for which the security was given were at least part of the motive, additional motives did not vitiate the exercise.
Lewison J held: ‘A dissection of a mortgagee’s motives is likely to be difficult in practice. Moreover, unlike statutory powers conferred for the public benefit, or trustees’ powers conferred for the benefit of beneficiaries (which were two analogies on which [counsel] relied) a mortgagee’s powers are conferred upon him for his own benefit. In such circumstances ‘purity of purpose’ may be difficult to achieve. The cases do support the proposition that a power of sale is improperly exercised if it is no part of the mortgagee’s purpose to recover the debt secured by the mortgage. Where, however, a mortgagee has mixed motives (or purposes) one of which is a genuine purpose of recovering, in whole or in part, the amount secured by the mortgage, then in my judgment his exercise of the power of sale will not be invalidated on that ground. In addition I consider that it is legitimate for a mortgagee to exercise his powers for the purpose of protecting his security.’


Lewison J


[2006] EWHC 74 (Ch), Times 27-Apr-2006, [2007] Ch 197, [2006] 2 P and CR 23, [2006] 3 All ER 1029, [2006] 6 EGCS 170, [2007] 2 WLR 403




Law of Property Act 1925 104


England and Wales


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A mortgagee is at all times free to consult his own interests alone as to whether and when to exercise his power of sale. The relationship and duties owed by the receiver are equitable only. Peter Gibson LJ said: ‘(1) A mortgagee with the power of . .
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See AlsoMeretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others ChD 14-Nov-2007
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