Meretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others: ChD 14 Nov 2007

The parties disputed the success of a sale by a mortgagee in possession of various properties. The parties disputed the apportionment of costs.
Held: The appeal failed. Where there is no express agreement concerning the division of costs, a general rule of thumb is to divide them equally between the relevant parties. But that is only a general rule and is not to be allowed to produce injustice. Where costs can be shown to be attributable to one party rather than another, the liability falls only on that party. And where the real contest is between one party A and another party B, injustice could arise if that were not recognised in the way in which the costs of B and other parties employing the same solicitor are apportioned. The judge in this case had made a factual determination in favour of an equal apportionment.
The court considered the proper approach to the costs when calling a solicitor to give evidence as a witness of fact. Warren J set out the three tasks of a solicitor who was also a witness as: (a) assistance and general preparation on the case as a solicitor, (b) producing the witness statement, and (c) cost of attendance at court. The costs incurred in relation to (a) and (c) are, in principle allowable. He continued: ‘As to (b), the position is more complex. There are, at least in theory, two components of the work involved in producing the witness statement. This can be illustrated by considering the position had Mr Hawkins not been involved, in his capacity as a practising solicitor, in preparing the witness statement but had, instead, been treated in the same way by the legal team as any other witness of fact. In that case, Mr Hawkins would have needed to spend time and effort (including, possibly, being proofed) in producing for the legal team the material for them to turn into the witness statement. The cost attributable to first component, the work done by Mr Hawkins, would not be allowable (any more than it would be allowable in the case of any other witness of fact); the cost attributable to the second component, the work done by the legal team, would be allowable.’


Warren J


[2007] EWHC 2635 (Ch)




Law of Property Act 1925 104


England and Wales


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