Meretz Investments Nv v ACP Ltd: QBD 27 May 2002

Meretz sued ACP for monies alleged to be due under agreements.


HH Judge Richard Seymour QC


[2002] EWHC 1019 (QB)




England and Wales

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See AlsoBritel Corporation NV v First Penthouse Ltd QBD 25-Jul-2002
The court refused to continue interim injunctions under a development agreement. . .
See AlsoBritel Corporation Nv and Another v First Penthhouse Ltd and others CA 7-Aug-2002
Application for permission against judge’s refusal to continue interim injunctions.
Held: Leave was refused. . .
See AlsoFirst Penthouse Limited/Channel Hotels and Properties (UK) Limited v Channel Hotels and Properties (UK) Limited/Fahad Al Tamimi First Penthouse Limited Varlet International Limited Ruth Gary Orbach Quallvile Limited Norval Holdings Limited ChD 14-Nov-2003
Several transactions had taken place with regard to a lease of a roof void, which was to be developed for penthouses. The lease had been charged to secure funding. The development did not proceed to schedule, and a s146 notice was served. It was . .
See AlsoChannel Hotels and Properties (UK) Ltd v Fahad Al Tamimi and First Penthouse Ltd CA 30-Jul-2004
. .
See AlsoMeretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others ChD 30-Jan-2006
The applicant challenged the exercise of a power of sale under a mortgage, saying that the mortgagee’s purposes included purposes not those under the mortgage. The parties had been involved in an attempted development of a penthouse.
Held: The . .
See AlsoMeretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others ChD 14-Nov-2007
The parties disputed the success of a sale by a mortgagee in possession of various properties. The parties disputed the apportionment of costs.
Held: The appeal failed. Where there is no express agreement concerning the division of costs, a . .
See AlsoMeretz Investments Nv and Another v ACP Ltd and others CA 11-Dec-2007
The claimant alleged that when exercising its power of sale under a mortgage over its land, the mortgagee had done so in order to override the claimant’s intention of granting a sub-lease, and that this was a tortious intention to induce a breach of . .
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