Palk v Mortgage Services Funding Plc: CA 1993

The mortgagees had obtained an Order for possession with the intention, not of proceeding to sell the property but of waiting in the hope that the market might improve. The mortgagor was anxious that the property should be sold so that the proceeds would reduce the mortgage debt, on which interest was accruing at an alarming rate.
Held: Since the mortgagees could buy the property themselves if they wished to speculate on an increase in its value, in the interests of fairness the property should be sold. The duty to take reasonable care of the property secured requires the mortgagee to be active in protecting and exploiting the security, maximising the return, but without taking undue risks. In such a case the mortgagor might obtain an order for sale even though the proceeds of sale would be insufficient to discharge the mortgage debt.
Nicholls V-C said: ‘I have given two examples where the law imposes a duty on a mortgagee when he is exercising his powers: if he lets the property he must obtain a proper market rent, and if he sells he must obtain a proper market price. I confess I have difficulty in seeing why a mortgagee’s duties in and about the exercise of his powers of letting and sale should be regarded as narrowly confined to these two duties. In addition to the mortgaged property, a mortgagee normally has a right of recourse against the borrower personally. He may also have the benefit of a guarantee from a third party. There is no problem when the borrower or guarantor can raise the necessary money, or the security available is adequate and readily realisable. Then the borrower should arrange to pay off his debt in full. The difficulty arises when that is not possible. Then the borrower is in the mortgagee’s hands. Whether in that situation a mortgagee is at liberty to exercise his rights of leasing and sale in a way that in all likelihood will substantially increase the burden on the borrower or guarantor beyond what otherwise would be the case is not a question I need to decide on this appeal . . That he should act in such a cavalier fashion is not a proposition I find attractive. That is a question which may call for careful examination on another occasion . .’


Sir Donald Nicholls V-C


[1993] Ch 330, [1993] 2 All ER 481, [1993] 2 WLR 415, [1993] ANZ Conv R 588


England and Wales


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A mortgagee’s decision on sale is not constrained by reason of the fact that the exercise or non-exercise of the power will occasion loss or damage to the mortgagor. He can sit back and do nothing. He is not obliged to take steps to realise his . .

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