London Borough of Waltham Forest v Omilaju: CA 11 Nov 2004

Final Straw Act – Non-Trivial

The claimant had been involved in protracted disputes with the respondent. The respondent appealed a finding of constructive dismissal and victimisation. He had attended a tribunal hearing and the employer had refused to pay his salary whilst he was absent. They said he had not requested leave to attend the hearing, and if he had made a request it would have been granted. The employee said this was ‘the final straw’ and that it justified his resignation and claim of constructive dismissal.
Held: The employer’s appeal succeeded. Although the final straw may be relatively insignificant, it must not be utterly trivial.
May LJ said: ‘an entirely innocuous act on the part of the employer cannot be a final straw, even if the employee genuinely, but mistakenly, interprets the act as hurtful and destructive of his trust and confidence in his employer. The test of whether the employee’s trust and confidence has been undermined is objective’ and ‘Many of the constructive dismissal cases which arise from the undermining of trust and confidence will involve the employee leaving in response to a course of conduct carried on over a period of time. The particular incident which causes the employee to leave may in itself be insufficient to justify his taking that action, but when viewed against a background of such incidents it may be considered sufficient by the courts to warrant their treating the resignation as a constructive dismissal. It may be the ‘last straw’ which causes the employee to terminate a deteriorating relationship.’ However, taking an objective view of all the circumstances, the failure to pay was not a final straw, and the Tribunal could reach this decision without considering in detail the nature and effect of the earlier acts.

Lord Justice May, Lord Justice Dyson Lord Justice Wall
[2004] EWCA Civ 1493, Times 26-Nov-2004, [2005] ICR 481, [2005] IRLR 35, [2005] 1 All ER 75
England and Wales
Appeal fromOmilaju v London Borough of Waltham Forest EAT 31-Mar-2004
EAT Unfair Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal
A novel point on whether the ‘last straw’ in a constructive dismissal case has to involve at least some blameworthy or unreasonable conduct by the employer – . .
CitedWestern Excavating (ECC) Ltd v Sharp CA 1978
To succeed in a claim for constructive dismissal the plaintiff must establish a breach of contract by the defendant, that the breach was sufficiently serious to have justified the claimant resigning, or at least be the last in a series of events . .
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Allowance of Stigma Damages
The employees claimed damages, saying that the way in which their employer had behaved during their employment had led to continuing losses, ‘stigma damages’ after the termination.
Held: It is an implied term of any contract of employment that . .
CitedWoods v WM Car Services (Peterborough) Ltd EAT 1981
Any breach of the implied term of trust and confidence will amount to a repudiation of the contract, but in cases of constructive dismissal, an employee has no remedy even if his employer has behaved unfairly, unless it can be shown that the . .
See AlsoOmilaju v London Borough of Waltham Forest and others EAT 1-Dec-1999
EAT Procedural Issues – Employment Tribunal . .
See AlsoOmilaju v Waltham Forest and others EAT 23-Apr-1999
. .
See AlsoOmilaju v London Borough of Waltham Forest and others EAT 30-Apr-2003
. .

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EAT Unfair Dismissal – Compensation. ET (1) failed to apply correct test in ascertaining whether the implied form of trust and confidence was involved.
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EAT Unfair Dismissal – Constructive dismissal
The Employment Tribunal erred in applying the last straw doctrine of constructive unfair dismissal when, on affirmation of the contract by the Claimant following . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal – constructive dismissal
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Constructive dismissal
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Maternity Rights and Parental Leave – Sex discrimination
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EAT Unfair Dismissal: Reason for dismissal including substantial other reason / Compensation
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Constructive dismissal
The Respondent committed a repudiatory breach of the Claimant’s contract of employment. . .
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Constructive dismissal
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EAT Jurisdictional Points – Extension of time: just and equitable
Sex Discrimination – Indirect
>Unfair Dismissal – Constructive dismissal

The Appellant claimed constructive unfair dismissal and . .
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The unanimous decision of the tribunal is as follows:-
(i) the claimant was not unfairly (constructively) dismissed by the respondent Department for Social Development;
(ii) the claimant was not unlawfully discriminated against by any of . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal
The Employment Tribunal did not err when it held the Claimant was unfairly constructively dismissed. There was no break in the chain of events leading to the application of the last . .
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EAT Applicant resigned ahead of disciplinary hearing. He asserted constructive dismissal. Employment Tribunal held he resigned in expectation of good reference enabling him to take another job. On appeal he . .
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EAT Unfair Dismissal
Employment Tribunal made findings against the Applicant relating to malice and motive which were not the Respondent’s case and were not put to her. Lucas v Chichester Diocesan Housing . .
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EAT Contract of Employment – Mutual trust and confidence. The ET was entitled to find on the facts that the Claimant was constructively dismissed, although he had misunderstood what was said to him by his ship’s . .
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EAT UNFAIR DISMISSAL: Constructive dismissal
The Employment Tribunal did not approach the question of constructive unfair dismissal in a last straw case by reference to the steps in Omilaju. To take an . .

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