GMB Trade Union v Brown: EAT 16 Oct 2007

EAT Unfair Dismissal: Reason for dismissal including substantial other reason / Compensation
The employee claimed constructive unfair dismissal because the employers refused to modify their grievance procedures to deal with her grievance. She alleged, and the Tribunal accepted, that it could damage her health if she had to pursue the grievance formally with her line manager. He was the person against whom she was complaining. The Tribunal found that there was a dismissal and it was unfair. The EAT on appeal held that in the somewhat unusual circumstances of this case, it was a finding open to the tribunal on the evidence. Hence the appeal on liability failed.
The employers also alleged that the Tribunal had erred in various ways in its assessment of compensation. The EAT upheld one of the grounds but rejected the others. The compensation was as a consequence adjusted by an amount agreed between the parties. Observations on dicta in the cases of Johnson v Unisys Ltd [2001] ICR 480 and Eastwood v Magnox Electric plc [2004] ICR 1064.


Elias P J


[2007] UKEAT 0621 – 06 – 1610




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EAT Unfair Dismissal
Disability discrimination
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