James-Bowen and Others v Commissioner of Police of The Metropolis: SC 25 Jul 2018

The Court was asked whether the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis (‘the Commissioner’) owes a duty to her officers, in the conduct of proceedings against her based on their alleged misconduct, to take reasonable care to protect them from economic and reputational harm. Four officers arrested a suspected terrorist who later alleged mistreatment. The officers were cleared after investigation, but the arrestee then issued a civil claim against the chief constable. The officers suffered threats of violence against themselves. The CC settled the claim and complained of their refusing to give evidence without protection. The officers now alleged failures in the Commissioners duty of care to them.
Held: The Commissioner’s appeal was granted. The imposition of the claimed duty would not be fair, just or reasonable.
Although employees would normally have no entitlement to disclosure of privileged material in the possession of their employer relating to the defence of the original proceedings, the effective defence of proceedings by the employees against the employer brought on the basis that the earlier proceedings were conducted in breach of duty may well require waiver of privilege in order to demonstrate the contrary. This has the potential to undermine the effective conduct of the defence of the original claim against the employer in that the possibility of such a claim in negligence and the likelihood of having to waive privilege may well inhibit frank discussion between the employer and his legal advisers.
Baroness Hale of Richmond PSC. Lord Wilson, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hughes, Lord Hodge JJSC
[2018] UKSC 40, [2018] 1 WLR 3945, [2018] 1 WLR 4021, [2018] IRLR 954, [2018] ICR 1353, [2018] WLR(D) 529, UKSC 2017/0003
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England and Wales
At first instanceJames-Bowen and Others v The Commissioner of Police for The Metropolis QBD 1-May-2015
The claimants were police officers, subject to disciplinary proceedings after a complaint by an arrested terrorist subject that he had been assaulted. The allegations were dismissed, but they now complained that the respondent had not implemented . .
Appeal fomJames-Bowen and Others v Commissioner of Police for The Metropolis CA 30-Nov-2016
Appeal against the order of Jay J. striking out the particulars of claim and entering judgment for the respondent, the Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis, in an action brought against him by the four appellants, all of whom were, at the time . .
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CitedMullaney v Chief Constable of West Midlands Police CA 15-May-2001
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No damages for Psychiatric Harm Alone
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Allowance of Stigma Damages
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Limits to Police Exemption from Liability
The claimant, an elderly lady was bowled over and injured when police were chasing a suspect through the streets. As they arrested him they fell over on top of her. She appealed against refusal of her claim in negligence.
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Banker’s Liability for Negligent Reference
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ExemplarMohidin and Others v Commissioner of The Police of The Metropolis and Others QBD 27-Jan-2016
. .
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Shareholders were entitled to disclosure of an accountants’ report concerning the rights and duties of the board commissioned by the directors, notwithstanding that by the time the report was received the shareholders had commenced proceedings . .
CitedWillers v Joyce and Another (Re: Gubay (Deceased) No 1) SC 20-Jul-2016
Parties had been involved in an action for wrongful trading. This was not persisted with but the claimant sought damages saying that the action was only part of a campaign to do him harm. This appeal raised the question whether the tort of malicious . .
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Claim to Legal Professional Privilege Lost
Barca and Wimpey had been 50/50 joint venturers through the medium of a company called DLW which had provided services to oil companies in the Middle East, including the Aramco Group. Wimpey agreed to buy out Barca’s interest in DLW on terms which . .
CitedDian AO v Davis, Frankel and Mead QBD 2005
Application was made for the disclosure of documents from an earlier court case involving the defendants.
Held: The application as made was disallowed. The right thing to do was to identify the documents it sought with reasonable precision and . .
CitedCommercial Union Assurance Co plc v Mander QBD 1996
Moore-Bick J provided the following example: ‘Although in many cases a relationship between two parties which supports common interest privilege will be one which also gives each of them a right to obtain disclosure of confidential documents . .
CitedDian AO v Davis Frankel and Mead 2005
Moore-Bick J discussed the principle of open justice, saying that the highest importance was to be attached to the principle and that it was for that reason that in ‘all but exceptional cases’ hearings are conducted in public, judgment is delivered . .

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The claimant had been assaulted. He presented at the defendant hospital with head injuries. Despite his complaints he said he was not treated properly, being told to wait five hours at reception, and went home. Later an ambulance was delayed and he . .

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