Steel and Another v NRAM Ltd (Formerly NRAM Plc): SC 28 Feb 2018

The appellant solicitor acted in a land transaction. The land was mortgaged to the respondent bank. She wrote to the bank stating her client’s intention to repay the whole loan. The letter was negligently mistaken and the bankers allowed the discharge of the property without repayment of the loan. The appellant denied having a duty of care to the bank, and appealed against a finding that she did.
Held: The appeal succeeded. The concept in negligence of assumption of responsibility remains the foundation of liability for a careless misrepresentation, though the concept may sometimes require cautious incremental development if it is to fit cases to which it does not readily apply. The appellant expected properly, that the bank would make its own checks of what she said before releasing the forms of discharge.
A solicitor will not normally assume responsibility towards the opposite party unless it was reasonable for the latter to have relied on what the solicitor said, and unless the solicitor should reasonably have foreseen that the opposite party would actually rely on the statement. The two ingredients of reasonable reliance and foreseeability have particular relevance in a claim against a solicitor by the opposing party, because it is generally inappropriate for a solicitor to assume such a responsibility towards the other side.
Orse: NRAM Ltd (formerly NRAM plc) v Steel
Lady Hale, President, Lord Wilson,Lord Reed, Lord Hodge, Lady Black
[2018] UKSC 13, [2018] 3 All ER 81, [2018] 1 WLR 1190, 2019 SCLR 379, [2018] WLR(D) 124, 2018 GWD 24-311, [2018] PNLR 21, 2018 SLT 835, UKSC 2016/0111
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