Gogay v Hertfordshire County Council: CA 26 Jul 2000

The employee sought damages for breach of the implied term of trust and confidence, even though she remained throughout the employment of the Council against whom she was bringing proceedings.
Held: Her remaining in employment was a factor which was irrelevant to the question of whether there had been a breach of the implied term.
It should not be automatic that a care worker in a children’s home being investigated for allegations of child abuse must be suspended. Such a suspension involved different issues to those in the enquiry itself. Characterisation of the enquiries under section 47 had not helped in this case. The ‘knee jerk’ reaction of suspension in this case amounted to a breach of the employer’s duty of trust and confidence toward the employee. Such a suspension which led to damages could be compensated in damages, although the law was in need of clarification. The duty in this case was in contract, rather than in tort, but there is more reason to distinguish between physical and psychiatric injury in this case than in other breaches of an employer’s duties: ‘There is all the difference in the world between hurt, upset and injury to feelings, for which in general the law does not provide compensation whether in contract or (with certain well-defined exceptions) in tort, and a recognised psychiatric illness.’
Hale LJ, Peter Gibson LJ, May LJ
Times 03-Oct-2000, Gazette 28-Sep-2000, [2000] EWCA Civ 228, [2000] IRLR 703, (2001) 3 LGLR 14, [2000] Fam Law 883, [2001] 1 FCR 455, [2001] 1 FLR 280
Children Act 1989 47
England and Wales
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General damages cannot be awarded for frustration, mental distress or injured feelings arising from an employer’s breach of the implied term of confidence and trust. Dillon LJ said that damages for mental distress in contract are limited to certain . .
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Leave applicationGogay v Hertfordshire County Council CA 26-Jul-1999
Application for leave to appeal – granted. . .
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The plaintiff was a manager within the social services department. He suffered a mental breakdown in 1986, and had four months off work. His employers had refused to provide the increased support he requested. He had returned to work, but again, did . .

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The claimant sought damages for the consequences of having been suspended from work as a teacher. He later recovered damages for unfair dismissal, and the court had struck out his claim for damages over and above those already awarded.
Held: . .
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