Fassihim, Liddiardrams, International Ltd, Isograph Ltd v Item Software (UK) Ltd: CA 30 Sep 2004

The first defendant (F) had been employed by a company involved in a distribution agreement. He had sought to set up a competing arrangement whilst a director of the claimant, and diverted a contract to his new company.
Held: A company director has additional, fiduciary duties over and above those of an employee. The duties are set and imposed by law. Whilst a director was under a fiduciary duty to disclose his wrongdoing to the company, this was not a separate and independent duty but was part of the more general obligation to act in what he in good faith considers to be in the best interests of the company. F was under a duty to disclose that he had a personal interest in the decision before the board. That duty could only be fulfilled by informing the board of his setting up of an independent and competing company. The director was entitled to an apportioned part of his salary until the date of the breach. The 1870 Act should be treated as a remedial Act and there is no justification for striving to restrict its operation, and it does indeed extend to apportionment of salaries when the employment ceased during a pay period.

Mr Justice Holman, Lord Justice Mummery, Lady Justice Arden
[2004] EWCA Civ 1244, Times 21-Oct-2004, [2004] BCC 994, [2007] Lloyd’s Rep PN 17, [2005] ICR 450, [2005] 2 BCLC 91, [2004] IRLR 928
Apportionment Act 1870, Companies Act 1985 310 317
England and Wales
Appeal fromItem Software (UK) Ltd v Fassihi and Others ChD 5-Dec-2002
Enforcement of confidentiality clause in contract of employment on termination. . .
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