Sim v Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council: 1981

The 1870 Act applied where an employee’s contract was terminated in the course of a period at the end of which payment would be made. Scott J said: ‘Mr Goudie submitted that the real question was whether a teacher was entitled to be paid for the period of 35 minutes that he or she had not worked. Pay for that period, he said, had not been earned. In my judgment, this approach is fallacious. It involves regarding the teachers’ salaries as accruing minute by minute. There is no legal or factual justification for that view of the salaries. Under the contracts, the salaries are based on a yearly scale but are paid by monthly payments. Each month a contractual right to a salary payment vests in the teacher. By reason of section 2 of the Apportionment Act 1870, the salaries are deemed to accrue day by day. If a teacher’s contract were, in the middle of a month, to come to an end, by death, dismissal or some other event, section 2 would entitle the teacher, or his estate, to an apportioned part of the month’s salary payment,. So the salaries may be regarded as accruing day by day. But they do not accrue minute by minute.’
Though the contract was silent on the issue, there was and implied obligation on the part of teachers to cover for absent colleagues during non-teaching periods if requested to do so.


Scott J


[1987] Ch 216, [1986] ICR 897


Apportionment Act 1870 2


England and Wales

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