Bhullar and others v Bhullar and Another: CA 31 Mar 2003

The claimants were 50% shareholders in a property investment company and sought relief alleging prejudicial conduct of the company’s affairs. After a falling out, two directors purchased property adjacent to a company property but in their own company name.
Held: The company had not been looking to acquire further property, and the purchase could not be described as a developing business opportunity in the standard sense. Where a fiduciary has exploited a commercial opportunity for his own benefit, the relevant question is not whether the party to whom the duty is owed had some kind of beneficial interest in the opportunity: that would be too formalistic and restrictive an approach. Rather, it is simply whether the fiduciary’s exploitation of the opportunity is such as to attract the application of the rule. Each case must be viewed on its own facts. In this case there was a conflict, and the director had acted in breach of his duty to the company. The directors were liable for profits resulting from the acquisition of a property neighbouring that of their company even though they had obtained this information not as directors but as passers-by: ‘the existence of the opportunity was information which it was relevant for the company to know, and it follows that [the directors] were under a duty to communicate it to the company.’
Lord Justice Brooke Lord Justice Schiemann Lord Justice Jonathon Parker
[2003] EWCA Civ 424, [2003] 2 BCLC 241
Companies Act 1985 459
England and Wales
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